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Augmented Reality Glasses



Meditate on the passage. Go into the passage as an eye witness. What do your five senses show you what do you feel?



A) PRAY! ASK HOLY SPIRIT: activate your visualization /spiritual eyes. 

"The Bible is the only book in history when you read it the author can be present if he is invited."

We want to invite Holy Spirit, the Author Himself, to be our tour guide as we engage with the supernatural and begin to experience the hidden mysteries and realities, after all, it is the LIVING Word.

This is the only book in the world that when you read it, the author can become present if you invite him. 

The Bible is supernatural in nature and can become a portal into encountering God. It’s like putting on virtual reality goggles or better yet being transported to the event.

Take your time here, engage with the Holy Spirit. This is a uniquely personal experience.

Meditate on the passage. Go into the passage as an eyewitness. What do your five senses show you? What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What can you touch? What can you taste? What do you feel?


B) Imagine the Event 

One person closes their eyes and begins to imagine (visualize) the event as they start to hear the words read by the partner. The partner then reads through the text and adds specific questions or details about the event (what are the expressions of people’s faces, the dress of people around, the smells in the air, etc...), all to encourage an imaginative experience while reading from the actual words.

C) Option: Illustration

If you are having a hard time activating the visualization this can help kick start you.

Grab some colored pencils and begin to sketch the events in the passage. It might sound weird but especially for visual passages like in the book of Revelation, this will help.

NOTE: It does not need to be pretty. 

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