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As believers we are one body with many different assignments. Only together can we fulfill the mission. It is an injustice for people to hear the gospel multiple times when there are those who have never heard it once.  Impact World Tour uses evangelistic campaigns to share the gospel with the unengaged all over the world. 


2015 REPORT 

In 2015 I had the honor of sharing the gospel with an estimated 50,000 people and 14,000 made decisions for Christ. In the India campaign alone each person who responded was categorized by village and plugged into a local church where they could receive our follow up material as well as access to an Audio Bible since the majority cannot read.  There were 6747 recorded physical healings, including the blind seeing and the deaf hearing!  723 pastors were trained in follow-up discipleship for new believers  Hundreds of E-Bibles were distributed which can be shared virally and freely. 200 self-sustaining, small businesses were started for widows and women at risk, including those coming out of the sex trade. We also saw the beginning construction and property development for a training center where spiritual leaders and start-up business owners can be trained. All this is part of a five year God-breathed plan.


Jan - India;Feb - Caribbean; March - Delaware; April - Mexico; May - Korea; June - Zambia; June - Tanzania; July - Brazil (Rio); Aug - Philippines; Sept - USA; Oct - Africa


The main message that we carry is a call to abiding relationship with loving, holy God. The understanding of God as a loving Father is at the heart of our identity. It is from this place of prayer and worship we overflow into our message and all that we do in life.

Bible distribution is key and enhanced through audio format for the illiterate. Creativity in the gospel presentation is implemented through the arts as a bridge of communication. 


You may be thinking, "This ministry approach is kinda ol' school", and you are right. But it's back to the basics at this urgent time in which we live: preach the gospel, make disciples. Joining with Impact World Tour (IWT) and Youth with a Mission (YWAM), both based out of Kansas City, provides us with the global network and ministry platform to share the gospel in unreached and unengaged contexts, as well as train up believers to be true disciples of Jesus. All our gospel preaching campaigns operate with local churches towards the main goal of long-term discipleship. Along with great faith this requires great prayer and financial support. We cannot do this alone. Will you pray about partnering with us? Let’s transform the world and impact eternity together!


At 16 years old, Rhonda was given a prophetic word that she and her future husband would join a team to preach the gospel in the nations. We believe that NOW is the appointed time to see this destiny fulfilled.

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