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Sons of the King is a lens for others to see into a  band of brothers doing life and Kingdom together. We never planned to create a ministry, this is just the extension of our discipleship culture. So many glorious testimonies kept piling in, we couldn’t journal them all so we began to film them and post them online. Sons of the King is just a lens into our lives. SOTK is a part of a grass roots discipleship culture that is connected relationally to the global movement Jesus pioneered with his boys back in the day. 

It’s time for young men on fire for Christ to rise up. Though SOTK is intentional about targeting men it is not the fullness. We see a need for men to rise up in order to lead their families. The end goal is always family on mission. 

In 2016 we plan to launch more content on the website as part of a larger initiative to deliver more teaching and equipping resources for free online. Already we have seen groups activated into discipleship and mission by just viewing our existing content online. We are a part of a global grass roots movement that is hungry and constantly expanding. 

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